Territory Standing Boost

Territory Standing

Territory Standing boosting service is the key to your Champion development in the New World game. Our carry team will farm as many Territory Standing tokens so that you can unlock unique perks and buffs for the current location. Buying the Territory Standing leveling is crucial for high-level gaming in both PvP and PvE activities.

Territory Standing carry rewards:

  1. Chosen Territory Standing leveled up 1-100.
  2. Up to 100 zone upgrades in the chosen territory:
    • increased faction tokens gain;
    • faster gathering speed;
    • more house items;
    • property and trading taxes decreased;
    • standing and character experience gains increase;
    • larger town storage (most useful).
  3. Unique New World achievements & titles:
    • Well-Known - level 10;
    • Prestigious - level 50;
    • Renowned - level 100.
    • and many others.
  4. House Ownership unlocked at level 10 Territory Standing.
  5. Character experience, coins, materials, and resources obtained during the boost.

Boost takes: 1-20 days.

The duration of the service varies depending on your current and desired Territory Standing level. Higher ranks require much more time and farming as experience needed for each new level increases proportionally. 

You can pick any New World Territory from the list, Please note, that some zones have higher character level requirements. Make sure you meet those requirements before purchasing this service.


  • New World account;
  • E-mail Steam Guard active;
  • 25-60 level (depends on the zone).

Buying Territory Standing in New World

The Territory Standing points boosting that we offer for sale is the fastest way to unlock all perks at the required zone. Let our team take care of the boring questing or zone grinding while still gaining all those awesome perks. There are quite a few of the Territory Standing bonuses and each of them affects your character in-game performance.

The Territory Standing buffs can include the following categories:

  • Faction Tokens;
  • Gather Speed;
  • House Items - Non-diminishing;
  • House Ownership - Only option at level 10;
  • Property tax;
  • Standing Gain;
  • Station fee;
  • Storage (has diminishing returns);
  • Trading Tax;
  • XP Gain - Only offered 4 times, only for character level.

Upon completion of a particular zone quest and obtaining enough Territory Standing points, you can upgrade some of the above-mentioned skills to power up your Champion. There are lots of guides on Territory Standing, however, there is no right or wrong way to distribute your points. With our Territory Standing leveling, you can get them all as fast as humanly possible.

In case you still have questions about our Territory Standing Points farming service, feel free to contact one of our 24/7 available support managers and they will gladly help you!

Territory Standing