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Champion of the Naaru

Champion of the Naaru
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Champion of the Naaru title boost will help with completing the long questline and finishing several trials in heroic dungeons and raids. Hurry up, as the Champion of the Naaru title will get removed with the release of the WotLK classic and won't be obtainable anymore. 

After buying Champion of the Naaru title from us, we will complete two long and pretty challenging questlines and get this title. Everybody who gets both Serpentshrine and Tempest Keep attunements done during Burning Crusade will also receive Champion of the Naaru Feat of Strength achievement later in Wrath.

TBC Champion of the Naaru boost rewards:

  1. Title Champion of the Naaru.
  2. FoS Champion of the Naaru (in WotLK).
  3. The Cipher of Damnation questline completed.
  4. Tempest Keep attunement completed (A'dal trials).
  5. The Cudgel of Kar'desh quest completed.
  6. Shattered Halls, Streamvault, Shadow Labyrinth, and the Arcatraz heroics cleared
  7. Honored with several factions (additional options if you are not attuned for heroics):
    • Lower City;
    • Honor Hold/Thrallmar;
    • Cenarion Expedition;
    • Sha'tar.
  8. Magtheridon, Gruul & Nightbane kills (for quest items).

Boost ETA: 10-12 days.

All steps must be finished one by one in order to get the Champion of the Naaru title. You cannot skip any parts of the quests and everything must be done before Wrath of the Lich King hits live servers.

Champion of the Naaru boosts are available on all TBC realms. However, we recommend reading the basic requirements before the purchase.


  • TBC live and running;
  • 70 level;
  • this service is piloted only;
  • attunement to several heroic dungeons (pick an additional option if you're not attuned);
  • at least 60% flying to access Tempest Keep.

Champion of the Naaru Questline Boost

Champion of the Naaru became available with Phase 2 and it is rewarded automatically for finishing both Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern attunements. Doing both questlines without a group isn't possible as most of the quests are a group or even raid-type quests.

But you can always unlock Champion of the Naaru with our convenient service. No need to worry about searching for groups for heroic dungeons or trying to get into the raids to finish all Champion of the Naaru quests: the team will do it for you.

How to Get Champion of the Naaru Title in TBC Classic?

However, if you decide to try to finish the quest on your own, here is a quick guide:

  1. Cipher of Damnation questline: starts with The Hand of Gul'dan in Wildhammer Stronghold (A) / Shadowmoon Village (H). It is a bunch of group quests to kill multiple elite mobs.
  2. The Tempest Key: speak with A'dal in Shattrath after finishing The Cipher of Damnation.
  3. Trial of the Naaru: Mercy: a timed Shattered Halls heroic run before the execution of the prisoners (55 minutes).
  4. Trial of the Naaru: Strength: defeat the last bosses in The Steamvault and Shadow Labyrinth on heroic mode and loot 2 quest items.
  5. Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity: loot the item from the final boss in The Arcatraz heroic.
  6. Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon: kill Magtheridon and loot the quest item in the 25-man raid Magtherdion's Lair.
  7. Find Skar'tis the Heretic in Slave Pens HEROIC dungeon. He starts the quest The Cudgel of Kar'desh.
  8. Find a group to defeat Gruul. Then head ot Karazhan and defeat Nightbane there.
  9. Return to Skar'tis the Heretic and finish the quest. Next time you teleport to Shattrath - the title will pop up.

Our service will be useful for everybody who struggles to find like-minded people to finish group quests. If you've already completed some parts of the questline, please contact our managers. We will create a custom offer depending on your progress for a decreased price!

Will Champion of the Naaru Get Removed?

Yes! Champion of the Naaru will be removed in Wrath of the Lich King expansion. However, people who started the quests - will still be able to receive the title. But we strongly advise not to delay it and start working on your Champion of the Naaru title now or simply buy it from our store and receive it fast and without extra effort.

Do You Need TK & SSC Attunements?

Both Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavernt attunements (that unlocks together with Champion of the Naaru) are not required to enter the raids. This requirement was removed in Phase 3. However, all the players get nice title and Feat of Strength, so it is pretty cool!

Champion of the Naaru
Please contact our managers to order this item