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TBC Heroic TK Attunement

The most powerful pre-raiding gear of the first TBC tier drops in the TK heroic dungeons. However, they are quite hard even in the normal mode. That fact can slow down the process of Sha'Tar reputation grind and stress you out even before entering the difficult instances. That is why buying the TK Heroic attunement service is your fastest way to unlock these dungeons and start farming powerful rewards.

Warpforged Key unlocks the heroic difficulty access for the following dungeons in the Tempest Keep: Botanica, Arcatraz, and Mechanar.

Classic Burning Crusade TK Attunement carry rewards:

  1. Warpforged Key obtained.
  2. Sha'Tar reputation farmed to Honored.
  3. Access to TK Heroic dungeons unlocked.

Boost takes: 1-2 days.

The delivery time can be shorter and depends mainly on the amount of Honor Hold/Thrallmar reputation you currently have.

Before purchasing the TK heroic dungeon attunement boost please have a look at some basic requirements for this type of carry service.


  • 70 level TBCC character;
  • WoW Classic: TBC expansion active;
  • this boost is piloted;
  • no gear requirement.

Buying Heroic TK Attunement Service

TK Heroic dungeons are one of the most tricky dungeons in TBC as they are swarmed with lots of difficult trash packs and quite difficult boss fights. That is why players struggle to fast farm Sha'Tar's reputation and therefore unlock access to Tempest Keep dungeons later in the game. With our TK attunement boost, you will be able to access all 3 dungeons before most of the players and gear up in some awesome heroic pre-raiding gear.

TK Attunement (Dungeons)