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TBC Quick Start Bundle

The Burning Crusade Classic Expansion for World of Warcraft classic is right around the corner and as experience suggests it would be quite crowded at launch. This means that the leveling and gameplay overhaul will be jammed and slowed by world PvP activists and probably some other issues that we all know about. However we got a solution to all of that in a one single TBCC Quick Start Bundle!

Get the leveling done, flying unlocked, professions boost, and the normal TBC dungeon gear in one simple click of a button!

TBC Bundle boosting include the following rewards:

Gold Bundle:

  • 60-70 Powerleveling (8-10 days);
  • 60% flying speed - Expert Riding;
  • random gear from quests;
  • 1 gathering profession lvl 375 (skinning, mining, or herbalism).

Platinum Bundle:

  • 60-70 Powerleveling (8-10 days);
  • 60% flying speed;
  • 2 professions 360 (1 gathering + 1 crafting);
  • full normal dungeons gear.

VIP Bundle:

  • 60-70 Powerleveling (6 days);
  • 280% flying speed - Artisan Riding;
  • full heroic dungeons gear;
  • 2 primary professions 375 (1 gathering + 1 crafting);
  • 3 secondary professions 375 (cooking, fishing, first aid);
  • Arcatraz, Shattered Halls, Karazhan + all heroic dungeons attunements.

We offer our Burning Crusade Quick Starter’s Bundle for every player regardless of his level and experience in the game, however, there are some basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 60 level; (add 1-60 or 58-60 if you are lower than 60);
  • epic mount; (add "I don't have epic mount" if not);
  • PvE realm (add "I'm on PvP realm" if not).

Easy way to Play Burning Crusade

Our boosting team here at Boosthive is ready to offer you a unique discounted all-in-one service that will suit all your needs and help to start playing the TBC Classic as a king. Just decide on what Bundle (Gold/Platinum/VIP) you wish to get and enjoy all the benefits of no-stress classic gameplay.

Our “Quick Start in TBCC” Bundle includes some additional perks:

  1. Professional carry team that knows TBC by heart.
  2. Client-oriented approach and customizable orders.
  3. No bots, third-party programs, or cheats used.
  4. Manual time proving boosting methods.
  5. 24/7 available customer support with the kindest managers.
  6. Fast and efficient TBC Classic carry techniques.

Getting the TBC Starting Bundle of any quality will definitely help your journey in the hardcore world of Outland. It is 100% guaranteed to save you hours of gameplay while still being at the top of the character development ladder. Enjoy your game as you deserve and leave the small things to us!

TBC Quick Start Bundle