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TBC Gathering Professions

Gathering professions in TBC classing are time-consuming and boring to level up. However, they are required to earn gold at AH or actually craft all sorts of raid goodies, such as potions, enchants and powerful gear. Buying the TBC Classic Gathering Profession boost will let you take care of your business while or carry team levels up any prof of your choice to the max (375) level.

TBC Gathering Professions carry includes:

  1. Chosen gathering profession leveled up to 375.
  2. A lot of materials to use or sell on the AH.
  3. Gold, recipes, and items obtained during the service.
  4. VPN for account safety and personal daily updates (on request).

Gathering profession boost ETA: 2-3 days.

Gathering professions can bring you a lot of gold if you process the materials and sell them to other players. However, you also can pick the relevant crafting profession and our team will use gathered ore, leather, or herbs to level up your main craft.

Please look at the minimum requirements before purchasing this service. Contact our managers in the online chat if you don't meet any of these and we will gladly help.


  • 70 level character in TBC classic;
  • 30-40 gold to learn new profession skills;
  • active WoW subscription.

Burning Crusade Gathering Professions Boost

Are you tired of trying to level up your gathering profession in TBC Classic? You are forcing yourself into collecting some more herbs day after day or mine some ore before other players can gank you and take your node. Sounds familiar? Then Boosthive TBC gather profession carry is the right service for you!

Our boosters can help you with the following gathering/secondary professions:

  • Mining leveling;
  • Herbalism boost;
  • Skinning leveling;
  • Fishing carry.

Additionally, we can help you level up the cooking and first aid profession if your character requires it. In any case, if you want a fast profession powerlevel in TBC classic our team is here for you. Speak to one of our support managers if you need more information or require a different combination of TBC professions.

TBC Gathering Professions
Please contact our managers to order this item