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TBC Crafting Professions

Burning Crusade Classic professions are not an easy thing to level up and if you really want to get most of your characters you need at least 2 prime professions boosted to 360. It can take lots of time grinding for resources, finding recipes, and even more time and gold for actually crafting the required items to get that one green point to the next craft tier. But all that is now in the past!

Buying the TBC Classic Crafting Profession boost will let you take care of your business while or carry team levels up any prof of your choice to the max (360) level. Then you can easily finish the 375 level off by purchasing some primals from the auction house.

TBC Crafting Professions carry rewards:

  1. Chosen profession leveled up to 360 points in TBC.
  2. A lot of recipes learned with the picked profession.
  3. Tons of crafted items, resources to sell at the AH.
  4. VPN for account safety and personal daily updates (on request).

Crafting Professions boosting ETA: 2-3 days for 300-360. 4-5 days for 1-360.

Some crafting professions require to be paired with the relevant gathering skills in order to get materials. This way we can avoid spending lots of your character’s gold at the auction house. In case you already have the right gathering profession leveled up, you can select the special option to get an additional discount.

Crafting Professions service have some minimum requirements. If you don't meet any of these, please contact our managers via online chat and our managers will be happy to help you.


  • 70 level character in TBC;
  • 100 gold to learn first skills;
  • active subscription.

Burning Crusade Crafting Professions Boost Info

Our fast TBC profession leveling is a perfect option for those players who value their time and resources but still want to get the best of their WoW gameplay. Our boosters know exactly the right way to level up any crating profession in Burning Crusade. They know all the professional guides by heart and ready to use that knowledge for your personal good!

Buying the Crafting Profession Leveling is a great choice for those who have limited gaming time or just don’t want to repeatedly grind resources to get the right crafted items on their alt characters. Feel free to check out the classic profession leveling options that we offer for sale and select the one that suits your character.

Why do I require Mining in TBC Classic?

Our professional boosters try as much as possible to save your resources and gold while leveling up your professions. Mining is one of the most profitable sub-professions in WoW TBC and therefore by combining the main profession with mining we get an opportunity to save you tons of gold and farm some additional resources.

In case you still have any questions about TBC professions carry services feel free to chat with one of our 24/7 available managers and they will surely assist you with any query you might have.

TBC Crafting Professions
Please contact our managers to order this item