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Tarrabah is an Exotic Submachine Gun in D2. It used to be a raid drop, but now players can purchase this weapon from the Monuments to Lost Light in the Tower. However, several different and hard-to-acquire currencies must be gathered first in order to buy Tarrabah in the Vault.

D2 Tarrabah Submachine Gun is very interesting Exotic: taking and dealing damage load up the gun with energy. Once it is full, players can unleash the energy dealing a massive damage. This is more fun weapon to use in no-brainer moment, but Tarrabah can find its use in some scenarios. Our Tarrabah boost will help you get this weapon in no time and without stress.

D2 Tarrabah boosting rewards:

  1. Obtained Tarrabah Submachine Gun.
  2. All necessary currencies acquired:
  3. All other items that might drop during the farm.
  4. Experience for your Artifact and Season Pass.
  5. Personal live stream (additional option).

Boost takes: 2-4 days.

Exotic Cipher is acquired from the time-limited NPC called Xur. He is available only for a short amount of time from Friday to Tuesday. If Xur is not active, we have to wait some time to continue your order.

If you already have some currency from the list, you can decrease Tarrabah price by clicking additional options in the menu. Before ordering this service, please have a look at the minimal requirements.


  • 1310+ power level (for Ascendant Shard farm);
  • Beyond Light DLC unlocked;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

How to Get Tarrabah in D2?

Tarrabah dropped from the final boss in Crown of Sorrows raid. After defeating Gahiran at the end, players had a chance to loot Tarrabah into their arsenal with low drop chance. The drop chance wasn't guaranteed, but now you can get Tarrabah from the Monuments to Lost Light without any randomness involved.

Some currencies, for example, Spoils of Conquest might be hard to obtain. They drop from the chest in the raids, so players need a well-coordinated squad to get those. We offer to buy Tarrabah from us, and we will farm all necessary currencies on your Guardian, so you can get this Exotic Submachine Gun into your collection in no time.

In case you still have any questions, feel free to contact our managers. We work 24/7 and be happy to help you.