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Tailoring Profession Leveling

Tailoring boost is the fastest and most efficient way to level up the tailoring profession in WoW. This is a crafting profession that not only allows you to create cloth armor and earth gold at the AH but also creat Shadowlands Legendaries and other utility items. Buying the tailoring boost for any expansion and level will get you a 100% guaranteed result in the shortest time possible.

Tailoring carry rewards:

  1. Tailoring Skill leveled up in the chosen patch.
  2. Recipes to craft common, rare, and epic cloth sets:
  3. Ability to craft cloth Legendary base items (requires Shadowlands tailoring).
  4. Patterns to create bags with different slots (depending on expansion).
  5. Bandages that heal character in combat.

Boost ETA: 10-12 hours for one expansion.

Please note: Draenor and Legion Tailoring takes additional 1-2 days because there're special time-gated crafting reagents and profession questlines in these two expansions that take some time to complete.


  • 60 level;
  • some gold (around 20-30k gold available).
  • access to the chosen expansion;
  • garrison unlocked for Draenor tailoring.

WoW Tailoring Boost Explained

Buying the tailoring profession leveling in Shadowlands or any other expansion will unlock lots of trading opportunities. With our professional tailoring carry you will not only increase your skill in this profession but also get some profitable recipes to start earning gold from them straight away.

Our boosters know the top, most efficient, and fast guides to level tailoring in WoW at the moment. This means that you will get your investment back in no time. From classic tailoring through all expansions right to the Shadowlands tailoring carry, our boosters will raise your skill as fast as possible. If you have any questions you can always get in touch with our boosting managers via the online support chat.

Tailoring Leveling