Swift Gloomhoof

Swift Gloomhoof

Swift Gloomhoof is a rare secret mount added in Shadowlands Expansion. It can be looted in the Ardenweald zone from a rare mob Night Mare. However, there is a hidden quest line that must be completed before you can see this rare horse. Buying Swift Gloomhoof mount will allow you to get this mount fast and easily. 

WoW Swift Gloomhoof mount carry includes:

  1. Swift Gloomhoof mount obtained.
  2. Night Mare secret rare killed. 
  3. Secret questline completed in Ardenweald.
  4. Rare is a part of the achievement Adventurer of Ardenweald.
  5. 100% done by hands without any bots.

Boost takes: 1-2 hours.

Some basic requirements have to be met before ordering the Swift Gloomhoof mount boosting service from our shop. In case you still have some questions, feel free to contact us in the online chat, skype, or discord.


  • 70 level;
  • Ardenweald storylines completed;
  • no gear requirements.

How to get Swift Gloomhoof mount?

To get the Swift Gloomhoof players need to go through a series of secret tasks and defeat Night Mare. Firstly, head to Tirna Scithe in Ardenweald and go to the far west. There is a hidden treasure located around 18.62 on the map. Be careful not to fall here! There you will loot Broken Soulweb item. 

Now go to the Glitterfall Basin. You need to have x10 Lightless Silk with you. There you will find Elder Gwenna located at 50.33. If you don't see this NPC, you need to finish two questlines first: Trouble at the Gormling Corral and Tricky Spriggans. Get off the mount first before talking with Elder Gwenna! She will give you Repaired Soulweb

Now you need to speak with Ysera in the Heart of the Forest. Players that are not from the Night Fae covenant can also talk to her - just talk with the guards at the entrance to Night Fae covenant and Ysera will come to you. Get off your mount and Ysera will give you Dream Catcher

The final step is fairly easy - fly to the Hibernal Hollow and exit to the north of the town. When you reach Dreamshrine Basin, use your Dream Catcher and you will be teleported to the shadowy version of Ardenweald and see Night Mare. You can kill it and loot the mount now.

Swift Gloomhoof Mount For Sale

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Swift Gloomhoof