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The Maw Stygia Farm

x1000 Stygia

Stygia is the new high-level currency of World of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion that can be farmed and spent in the Maw zone at Ve’nari vendor. It is also used to purchase new cosmetic rewards and covenant mounts from Duchess Mynx in Korthia.

Buying the Maw Stygya farming service will allow you to forget about the daily grind of world quests and rares and get the exact amount of Stygia you need to buy vendor rewards. 

Shadowlands Maw Stygia carry service includes:

  • farm any amount of Stygia currency in the Maw zone;
  • complete daily quests in the Maw;
  • complete events and world quests in the Maw;
  • farm elite and rare enemies in the Maw up to the daily cap;
  • unlocking rewards from Death's Advance vendor Duchess Mynx;
  • catch up 200 ilvl gear for 1000 stygia.

Boost ETA: 1-10 days. Depends on the amount of Stygia required.

Please note, that we can do events and dailies in the maw limited amount of time due to Eye of the Jailer mechanic that will slowly kill you if you spend a lot of time in the Maw.

You can buy as much Stygia as you need and our professional boosters will farm it for you as soon as possible. However, before making an order for Stygia grind you may want to check out some basic requirements. 


  • WoW Shadowlands expansion purchased and active;
  • 60 level character with any gear;
  • The Maw Zone and quest unlocked.

Why Stygia is so important in Shadowlands?

Stygia is the key to empowering your character above the power of gear and item level. By farming Stygia in the maw you can upgrade and use other game systems that will eventually help you to increase your damage/healing output and make the character more competitive.

Stygia currency farm can get you the following:

  • permanent upgrades to Torghast Tower;
  • the Maw zone utility items, perks, and gadgets;
  • starting gear for alts - 200 ilvl;
  • cosmetic mounts, pets, and covenant-themed sets.

  Therefore it is essential to farm Stygia daily and missing a day can postpone the purchase of some cool item that may result in falling behind from the ones who did not miss it.

How to farm Stygia in the Maw fast?

To fast grind Stygia in the Maw you will have to get used to the time gating ability “The Eye of the Jailer”. It will allow you to complete only several major quests and events by gradually increasing the power of the Jailer presence.

To complete the daily Stygia farm cycle in the Maw player have to complete the following tasks once a day.

  1. 2-3 Daily Ve’nari quest;
  2. 1 major event such as the Jailer call;
  3. Complete the 5 levels of The Eye of the Jailer by killing rare mobs.
  4. Finish covenant assaults.

 After doing that the zone will be almost impossible to farm this day and one will have to wait for the daily reset to continue Stygia farming.

Why buying Stygia boost is the best option?

Boosthive offers you to buy the Stygia farming assistance and forget about the wipes on difficult mobs with the possibility to lose all your Stygia entirely. Our well-geared boosters can help you to complete all the events and kill the most hard-core elites in this reality of perpetual death.

x1000 Stygia