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Stratholme Boost

Here you can buy Stratholme dungeon on WoW Classic servers. There are 17 bosses in this dungeon and 2 wings: Main Gate and Service Gate. This is high level dungeon and you can get pre-raid BiS gear there. Run takes 2 hours.

Important information: we currently don't support all servers/factions. Check availability on your server in chat support before purchasing this service.

Stratholme boost includes:

  • Fast run with the professional group
  • All 17 boss kill 
  • Loot for your class that drops during the run
  • Account sharing mode (we log into your character to do the run)


  • 55+ lvl character on Classic servers
  • WoW Classic subscription

We use a VPN for account protection and never ask any secret questions so your account will be protected from theft.

Stratholme (55-60)