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Strange Favor Reputation Farm Boost

Strange Favor Reputation boost is a service that increases this reputation on your guardian which is the key to unlocking new 30th anniversary ornaments, weapons, and Xur's rewards tied to this event. 

After purchasing the needed amount of Strange Favor reputation a professional member of our team will complete a lot of Dares of Eternity activities, as a result, the more you get the greater are the rewards at each rank.

Strange Favor reputation carry rewards:

  1. Any chosen number of Strange Favor reputation.
  2. Completed in-game tasks/achievements.
  3. All possible gear along the way.
  4. Rare and Legendary Items.

Boost takes: 2h-7d.


  • 30th Anniversary Pack or The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition;
  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

D2 Strange Favor Boosting Service

Xur shares a progression system very similar to Vanguard Ranks, Valor, and Infamy. As you complete Dares of Eternity matches, you'll gain Strange Favor with Xur. Earning enough Strange Favor will increase your reputation rank with him, unlocking new rewards.

Strange Favor shares the same leveling system as the other three ritual playlists. There's only one way to increase your Strange Favor: play Dares of Eternity. Both the Normal and Legend difficulty variants will grant progress towards your next Strange Favor rank. Xur and Starhorse bounties grant no Strange Favor, so focus on completing games instead of bounties.

Strange Favor