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Stasis Upgrade

Here you can buy D2 Stasis Upgrade Boost. Stasis aspects and fragments adds bonus features to new subclass abilities.

Boost ETA: 24-48 hours

Choose Upgrades from the list which you need to be completed on your character.

Stasis Upgrade List:

  • Born in Darkness Part 1 - Access to Aspect of Control
  • Born in Darkness Part 2 - Duskfield Grenade
  • Born in Darkness Part 3 - Coldsnap Grenade
  • Born in Darkness Part 4 - Access to Aspect of Influence
  • Born in Darkness Part 5 - Access to Aspect of Destruction
  • Remnants of Darkness - Aspect of Control
  • Remnants of Darkness - Aspect of Influence
  • Remnants of Darkness - Aspect of Destruction
  • First weekly Fragment
  • Second weekly Fragment

Two weekly Fragments might be obtained only once per week, but it's sharing on all characters, while Aspect and Grenades are personal.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC
  • Beyond Light Campaign completed
  • New Light campaign completed
  • Salvation's Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher
Stasis Upgrade