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Star-Eater Scales Exotic Boost

Star-Eater Scales Boots are the new exotic boots added in Season of Splicer (Season 14) that randomly drop from the Legend and Master Lost Sector.

After buying Star-Eater Scales exotic a professional player will complete a Lost Sector on Legend or Master difficulty for you until you get the guaranteed boots.

Star-Eater Scales boost includes:

  1. Star-Eater Scales exotic boots guaranteed.
  2. Enhancement Cores.
  3. XP for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

Boost takes ~1 day.


  • 1290+ Power;
  • this boost is recovery & requires account sharing.

Important: Exotic Armor rotates daily. ETA of the service can be increased.

D2 Star Eater Scales Boosting Service

Star Eater Scales boost are a must-have for every hunter guardian in the galaxy. Their prime goal is to recharge your main ability faster while also increasing its damage and potential, making it a very deadly exotic to have for every hunter, moreover healing you in the process.

These Exotic boots are only available from the Legend and Master Lost Sectors, which means you won’t be able to buy them or get in the outdoors. The best way to get the Scales is to complete a Lost Sector when it is dropping legendary engrams. It’s important to know that this Exotic only drops by completing the Lost Sector alone, that is why this service can only be a recovery.

Star-Eater Scales Exotic Boots