Reins of the Springfur Alpaca

Springfur Alpaca

Here you can buy Reins of the Springfur Alpaca - a secret BFA mount. It can be obtained by feeding the rare Friendly Alpaca in Uldum for 7 days. This task can be rather difficult as Friendly Alpaca has various spawn points and its respawn timer is over one hour. Our Springfur Alpaca mount boost will allow you to get it fast and easy without hours of searching and waiting for this rare to spawn every day.

WoW Sprinfur Alpaca carry includes:

  1. Cute Alpaca mount - Reins of the Springfur Alpaca.
  2. Secret feeding quest completed in Uldum - Alpaca It In.

Boost takes: 7 days.

We will search for this rare every day and the 7-day daily quest will be completed by our team. You also can add another secret Alpaca from Vol'dun by clicking an additional option.

Before buying Springfur Alpaca mount, please check the basic requirements for this service.


  • 60 level;
  • Uldum assaults unlocked via Legendary Cloak questline.

Buying Springfur Alpaca Mount

As it was mentioned before, this cute Alpaca mount can only be obtained by those dedicated players who spend hours and hours in the sultry Uldum sands. Friendly Alpaca has a lot of different spawn points that are spread across the zone and its respawn timer is very unpredictable. That's why it takes a lot of time and effort to get it.

That's why purchasing our Reins of the Springfur Alpaca boosting service will be the best solution for everybody who values their free time. You can simply place the order and proceed to the checkout page to complete it. Then after a short dialog with one of our support managers, you will be on your straight path of owning this amazing mount.

Springfur Alpaca