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Spare Rations

Here you can purchase D2 Spare Rations Farm. It's the most popular and overpowered PvP hand cannon introduced in Season 6 as a reward for The Reckoning activity.

Boost ETA: 48 hours

Current PvP meta based on high RPM, long range, huge aim assistance and low recoil, what makes Spare Rations a Godlike weapon in Crucible and leave no chances to compete for another hand cannons.

Spare Rations boost includes:

  • Obtaining x10 Spare Ration Hand Cannons
  • Farming of Reckoning activity (Tier 2 or Tier 3)
  • A lot of legendary loot

If you want to be a king of Crucible and don't want to waste your time for grinding - the best choice is to buy Spare Rations and enjoy awesome gameplay with this gun.

Additional options:

  • Add Synthesizer upgrade - we will upgrade your Synthesizer for getting access to The Reckoning Tier 2 or Tier 3 activity
  • Curated roll Spare Rations - Overflow and Explosive Payload (PvE version)

The most popular perks for PvP: Full Bore, Ricochet Rounds, Rapid Hit, Rangefinder/Kill clip and Range Masterwork.


  • Middling Synthesizer or higher
  • New Light
Spare Rations