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Solstice of Heroes Bounties

Solstice of Heroes Bounties is countless missions and activities that have to be performed daily or weekly in order to loot some awesome rewards from this hot D2 summer event. It is obvious that to get all possible rewards bounties to have to be farmed on a regular basis, but what if you don’t have time or don’t want to do all those activities? Then purchasing the Solstice of Heroes Bounty carry service is the perfect solution for you!

Soulstice of Heroes Bounties carry includes:

  1. All daily bounties completed (please pick the specific option).
  2. All weekly bounties finished (with chosen option).
  3. Solstice Key Fragments to unlock Solstice Packages.
  4. Chance to get rare and legendary loot.
  5. Bright Dust currency.
  6. Experience for your Artifact and Season Pass.
  7. Glimmer.

Soulstice of Heroes Bounties boost ETA: 5-6 hours.

Please note: this service has a minimum requirement. Feel free to contact our support in case you have any questions before the purchase.


  • 1350 power level.

Solstice of Heroes Bounty Boosting

If you ask us what is the most important part of the Solstice of Heroes event, we will definitely answer you - the Solstice Key Fragments. This currency is tradable for Solstice Packages that contain all sorts of event goodies including the awesome event-themed legendary shotgun. But it takes hours of hard grinding and events farming to earn those key fragments and most of them can be only obtained through end-game activities including strikes and crucible.

Boosthive is offering you to skip this hardcore grind and save some time for RL fun while our professional carry team is handling your daily and weekly Solstice of Heroes Bounties! Fast and efficient completion of any number of bounties to get all the Solstice Packages you need! Unlock most of the event rewards without any stress or daily farming!

Solstice of Heroes Bounties