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Solstice of Heroes Armor Upgrade

It is the Solstice of Heroes event time and new SoH armor sets are ready to be upgraded by Guardians across D2 universe. Get your best Solstice armor pieces upgraded from Renewed to Magnificent and boost them with the awesome white glow version. Get the full Solstice of Heroes Armor Upgrade or pick up the required slots and let our carry team take it from there.

Solstice of Heroes Armor Upgrade rewards.

  1. Upgrade your Solstice Armor Set to Majestic or Magnificent (depends on chosen option)
  2. Get a special glowing effect on your armor (additional option).
  3. Loot drops including EAZ planetary and adventure.
  4. Chance to get Compass Rose shotgun.
  5. Chance for different Gambit and Strike rewards.

Solstice of Heroes Armor boost ETA: 2 days.

Please note: If you have just the Renewed version of the Solstice of Heroes set then the full white glow Masterworked Magnificent set is the best option for you to unlock the top items of this event.

Before buying any of Solstice of Heroes Armor set upgrades please check out the basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • 1300 powerlevel.

Solstice of Heroes Armor Boost Info

The annual summer event is back to D2 bringing back the revamped Solstice Armor 2.0 sets boosted to 1360 Power Cap. Upgrading the full Solstice Set to the maximum magnificent level unlocks the possibility to complete challenges for the awesome-looking white glow. However it is easier to say than do, each of the armor items takes a pretty hard challenge to get upgraded to each stage.

Solstice of Heroes Armor Set Upgrade stages:

  • Renewed Solstice of Heroes Armor - the base set you start with; 
  • Majestic Solstice Armor Set  - upgrade to the Renewed version;
  • Magnificent Solstice Armor - upgraded from Majestic option;
  • Glowing Magnificent Solstice Set - the top geat you can get from this event.

With our Solstice of Heroes armor upgrading service, you can get the glowing set or choose to boost a particular part of it separately. More information about the unlocking and SoH armor upgrading options available from our friendly 24/7 available support managers via online chat.

Solstice of Heroes Armor Set
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