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Lost Sector Solo Completion

Here you can purchase Solo Lost Sector completion in a Legend or Master difficulty. Lost Sector Carry is a service that offers completion of this fast dungeon-like activity on multiple planets in D2.

The main rewards of a Lost Sector are usually Exotic Armor. Buying a Lost Sector will result in a completion of it on Legend on Master difficulty (depends on the option chosen) by our professional D2 player. A Lost Sector boost is usually the fastest and most reliable way to get any desired exotic armor in the game for any class.

Solo Lost Sector boost rewards:

  1. A desired amount of runs at Legend or Master difficulty.
  2. A chance of getting Exotic Armor Piece.
  3. XP for the Artifact Level and Season Pass.
  4. Enhancement Core(s).

Boost takes: 25 minutes.

Select a difficulty and a number of Lost Sector runs in the additional options sector menu.


  • 1560+ Power Level - Legend difficulty;
  • 1590+ Power Level - Master difficulty;
  • Witch Queen DLC;
  • Beyond Light DLC;
  • Shadowkeep DLC.

What is a Lost Sector in D2?

A Lost Sector is a mini-dungeon-like activity. It's very easy in its default difficulty and can be completed by anyone in the game due to its nature. However, things scale quite drastically compared to Legend or Master difficulties as the NPC creatures have a lot of modifications and require a different approach depending on the affixes applied. Which Lost Sector on Legend or Master difficulty is random. Every day there is one of each on a random Planet in D2 world.

But Lost Sectors rewards are worth the effort as they are the easiest way to get the exotic armor that you are missing still. Even when you have a full collection you will still continue to get exotic armor for better stat procs so Lost Sector farming doesn't lose its value over time as well.

Difference between Legend and Master Lost Sector

Although they share a common end result the Legend and Master Lost Sectors have their differences besides the power scale. Master Lost Sector carry provides 100% armor piece in a specific slot with the best stats which is displayed before you start it. Legend Lost Sector, on the other half, doesn't give a 100% chance of gaining the armor piece, but multiple tries will result in obtaining it regardless. The Legend Lost Sector carry provides an armor piece in a specific slot that is displayed on the activity as well.

Once you gain the exotic armor from any of the Legend or Master difficulties you won't be able to farm a new one until the daily reset. Resources like Enhancement Cores will still continue to drop if you chose to clear the Lost Sector until the daily reset.

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