SoD Scholomance Boost

SoD Scholomance

Scholomance, located in the Western Plaguelands, is a dungeon steeped in dark magic and necromancy. Players venture into Season of Discovery Scholomance to thwart the cult’s sinister plans and put an end to the dark experiments conducted within its haunted halls. 

Make your adventure around those dark corridors in SoD Phase 4 more pleasing and rewarding! Our team knows for sure how to help you with it. With our Scholomance dungeon boost, you can expect perfect completion and the collection of desired loot obtained in the shortest terms.

Boost takes: ~2 hours | Start time: ~15 minutes
You will get:
  1. The Scholomance dungeon carry full completion.
  2. Chance to obtain pre-raid gear pieces.
  3. All the loot, gold, and resources that drop in the process.
Additional options:
  • Express completion;
  • Stream;
  • Selfplay;

Before buying the SoD Scholomance boost from our team, please check the requirements listed below.

  • Active WoW Season of Discovery subscription;
  • Level 60 character;
  • This service is piloted;
  • While choosing selfplay option, please contact us via live chat to check the availability.
How it works:
  1. Select the service, the desired number of runs and choose additional options.
  2. Proceed to the checkout, select a suitable payment method, and provide your character information.
  3. A support manager will contact you in 4-7 minutes to clear out details and schedule the boosting.
  4. At the agreed time, a booster will log into your account and start completing the service.
  5. You will receive a notification upon the service’s completion.
  6. That’s it! Enjoy your Scholomance boost rewards.

SoD Scholomance Boost — What You Need to Know

Originally an academy of sorcery for the nobility of Lordaeron, Scholomance was taken over by the Cult of the Damned and transformed into a necromantic school under the command of Darkmaster Gandling. The dungeon is a hub of Scourge activity, where necromancers train and experiment on the living and the dead.

Scholomance is divided into several interconnected sections, each filled with undead minions, dark acolytes, and powerful necromancers. Key areas include:

  • The Reliquary: A room filled with undead students and their dark instructors, culminating in a battle against Instructor Chillheart.
  • Chamber of Summoning: Where dark rituals and summoning of powerful undead take place, guarded by Jandice Barov, a master illusionist.
  • Headmaster's Study: The final area, where players face the dungeon's ultimate boss, Darkmaster Gandling.

The dungeon’s design is intricate, with secret passages, traps, and hidden rooms, requiring players to explore thoroughly and be prepared for surprises around every corner.

The dungeon is packed with groups of enemies, including powerful spellcasters and resilient undead. Effective crowd control is essential to manage these groups and prevent overwhelming the party.

Whether delving into the dark rituals of the necromancers or battling the undead hordes, Scholomance offers a thrilling and rewarding experience for those brave enough to face its perils.

Our top-leveled players have enough skills and coordination to offer during a Scholomance dungeon boost completion. A dedicated team will take your character to this location in Feralas and defeat every enemy to bring you high-leveled loot and other intriguing rewards.

SoD Scholomance