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Skarr Pet Boost

Here you can buy Skarr hunter pet. This is a rare tameable cat with unique black molten skin and red eyes. Skarr is located in Molten Front and nearly every hunter wants it into his collection. Skarr rare spawns 10-12 hrs so it can be time-consuming to tame it. Don't waste your time and use Boosthive team to get Skarr for your hunter.

Boost takes ~1-3 days

Skarr carry includes:

  • Skarr tamed on your hunter
  • VPN for account safety and protection
  • Personal Livestream (please ask about the technical possibility before we start)


  • 100+ lvl hunter
  • Molten Front unlocked (in case you don't have access, add Molten Front unlock option)

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.