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Sire Denathrius Kill

Sire Denathrius boost consists of a single fast run into the Castle Nathria raid in the heroic or mythic difficulty and killing the last boss - Sire Denathrius.  This will allow you to get some of the best 209-222 ilvl loot, latest Shadowlands PvE achievements, and a mythic title “Sinbreaker”.

Boost ETA: ~1-2 hrs.

We have enrolled the top world PvE raiding guilds to provide you the Sire Denathrius carry service. We are doing over 10 Sire Denathrius heroic kills a day and around 10 mythic Sire Denathrius runs a week on both Alliance and Horde sides.

WoW Sire Denathrius carry includes:

Please note that mythic Castle Nathria runs are server-specific, meaning you will need to do a character transfer before the boost.

Feats of Strength achievements will only remain obtainable till the end of the first raiding tier of Shadowlands Expansion.


  • fresh raid cooldown on the last boss in chosen difficulty for receiving loot;
  • fresh Castle Nathria mythic cooldown for the mythic Sire Denathrius boost;
  • with the self-play option, you must do 1-hit to the Sire Denathrius in order to get rewards.

We never ask your secret questions or any other information, so your account will be protected from theft.

Who is Sire Denathrius of Shadowlands

Sire Denathrius is the key figure of the Shadowlands Expansion. He is the king of the Venthyr Covenant, who betrayed his servants and the people of Revendreth. He was the gold-like creature who created Venthyr in his likeness forging them out of sauls and powers of anima. He is a mad king that has to be removed and the new Sire should be elected. Crowning a new Venthyr King can lead the Covenant to success and former glory!

Sire Denathrius