Sinrunner Blanchy's Reins

Sinrunner Blanchy

Blanchy's Reins is the new Shadowlands semi-secret mount that has a special 6-day action quest to get it. Buying the Sinrunner Blanchy dark steed allows players to save a lot of time camping and catching this beautiful horse is Revendreth. 

With dead Blanchy carry service, you can be rest assured to get this mount in 6-days without the need to camp this rare NPC.

Boost ETA: ~6 days.

WoW Blanchy's Reins carry includes:

To get your awesome Blanchy mount in Shadowlands you will need to fulfill some of the basic requirements of this carry service.


  • 60 level character in Shadowlands;
  • unlocked Revendreth zone.

This rare Blanchy dead steed appears in the depths of the Revendreth zone of Shadowlands for just 5 minutes and one has to be very fast to catch it! If you still want to risk it and spend hours waiting for this rare spawn to occur you should check our short guide on how to get Blanchy's Reins by yourself.

How to farm Sinrunner Blanchy in Shadowlands?

To get this vampiric horse mount in World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion you will have to complete a 6-day daily quest trial. The main story behind these quests is to offer various items to a rear spawn NPC - Dead Blanchy. Every one of six days will take the player closer to finally taming this beautiful dark beast and getting to ride it while adding the Blanchy's Reins into your collection. 

Here is the table with the full list of items needed for each day of Blanchy taming.

Day number

Items required to bring

Locations to get the items

Day 1

x8 Handful of Oats

Pick it from a Sack of Oats items in the northern part of Westfall (Eastern Kingdoms).

Day 2

x1 Grooming Brush

Ask Snickersnee in Darkhaven to give it to you.

Day 3

x4 Sturdy Horseshoe

Discarded Horseshoe can be found on the southern and eastern roads of Darkhaven.

Day 4

x1 Bucket of Clean Water 

Empty Water Bucket can be picked up in the Darkhaven, near the carriage, and filled in Ardenweald or Bastion.

Day 5

x1 Comfortable Saddle Blanket

Bought for x30 meat (various kinds) from Ta'tru NPC located south of Wanecrypt Hill flight point in The Night Market.

Day 6

x3 Dredhollow Apple

Obtained from the Mims, located northeast of Charred Ramparts flight point in Hole in the Wall.

After all the items are gathered you can proceed to the daily camping part of the challenge which takes a lot of time and some luck. Obviously, you can do this part of Blanchy acquisition by joining a raid group in the zone of Revendreth which will reduce the amount of time needed but still highly depends on random proc.

Here is some essential information for anyone who wants to get Sinrunner Blanchy faster.

  1. Dead Blanchy NPC has a respawn timer of 1-2 hours.
  2. It spawns here: /way 63.13 43.11 Dead Blanchy Spawn.
  3. All items needed for a 6-day challenge can be gathered before approaching Blanchy.
  4. Blanchy NPC despawns after 5 minutes from the first interaction.
  5. Anyone can interact with Banchy before it disappears.
  6. Blachy emotes differently for each item offered to it.

After completion of all 6 days of tasks, one shall receive this epic mount that has been in World of Warcraft since Classic. Although it seems fast to get it still requires a lot of time to accomplish all the steps of the farming process. 

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Sinrunner Blanchy