Shattered Throne Boost

Shattered Throne

Buying the D2 Shattered Throne dungeon runs and mission completion is once again become the best way to boost the powerlevel of your guardian. Shattered Throne loot has received a substantial upgrade in Season of the Haunted. The dungeon is now in a weekly rotation and is still viable in the new Season.

A lot of meta guns being sunsetted and made unplayable in pvp\pve content making the Shattered Throne a great way to get some new powerful weapons like Retold Tale shotgun and Waking Vigil.

D2 Shattered Throne carry includes:

  1. A full Shattered Throne Dungeon run completion.
  2. x3 powerful loot pieces from three encounters.
  3. A pinnacle when the dungeon is in the rotation.
  4. lots of additional glimmer.
  5. a lot of other valuable resources.

Shattered Throne Dungeon boost takes: 1 Hour.

Please note that every armor piece that drops in the Shattered Throne dungeon now gets a higher (greatly increased) base stats. Weapons also got a stat upgrade and the new seasonal (Season of the Chosen) perks.

While we offer the Shattered Throne boosting to every Guardian, we still kindly ask you to look through our base requirement for this type of carry service and see if you meet them before the actual purchase of any number of Shattered Throne loot runs.


  • All required DLC purchased;
  • This boost is piloted & requires account sharing.

D2 Shattered Throne boost description

To fully understand why you might want to buy the Shattered Throne runs from our boosting store, first, you should know some interesting facts about this unique D2 dungeon. Apart from being a hardcore reincarnated version of the previously available mission, it now has some sweet loot that will definitely take your attention.

Therefore, here are the top 5 Shattered Throne mission perks:

  1. This dungeon looks like a raid floor rather than a simple mission.
  2. Shattered Throne has complicated puzzles and several boss fights.
  3. Dreaming City loot drops in a raid style.
  4. ST Dungeon has unique mechanics and powerful exotic rewards.
  5. The location is mind-blowing and looks stunningly awesome.

Right from the beginning of this mission players realize the importance of this particular dungeon. A massive portal welcomes the guarding for a challenging adventure that only the most mightly can complete. This mission is free from timers therefore it can take quite a while to finish all the objectives, but with the help of our professional ST carry team it would not be a problem.

Our professional D2 dungeon boosters will:

  • 100% guarantee you a fast and efficient Shattered Throne carry run;
  • help in the acquisition of all desirable loot and triumphs;
  • some cool exotic legendary weapons;
  • flawless seamless boosting experience.

Shattered Throne Dungeon boosting rewards

So what are the rewards that Guardians can hope for when buying the fast Shattered Throne carries from us? Here we will present you with the best ones that you can get, however as always you only get a chance to get them and we can’t guarantee the drop of any particular items during the loot runs.

Top rewards of Shattered Throne dungeon sell run:

  • Legendary loot with the SotH power cap;
  • Waking Vigil - an awesome Arc hand cannon;
  • Retold Tale - a revived powerful Void shotgun;
  • Shattered Throne armor has higher stats than the Dreaming City loot.

Apart from the awesome exotic guns and powerful armor pieced Shattered Throne offers players some exceptional resources and fun missions that will keep you entertained. Feel free to ask our 24/7 available support managers about details of this boost. We can make you a fully custom offer that will complement all your needs and get you the cheapest price on the market.

We at Boosthive care for every client’s need and that can be seen from over 1300+ positive reviews on independent websites. We are there for you waiting for your orders to get you the perfect Shattered Throne carry experience.

Shattered Throne