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Shadowlands Legendary Powers

Shadowlands Legendary Powers

The most potent gear of the new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion is class-specific Legendary items with unique powers. They can completely change your gameplay and turn your character into the beast of damage meters.

When buying the Shadowlands legendary power boost you can select which item you would like to craft and what power to enchant it with. Plus get it with a 100% chance! This way you can avoid the tedious farming processes and let our professional carry team take it from there.

WoW Legendary Powers carry includes:

  • Selected Memory of the Runecarver delivered for your spec;
  • Any resources, items, and loot obtained during the boost.

Boost ETA: ~1 day - 3 weeks. Depends on the Power selected.

We can get any type of legendary powers, whether they are looted from the world bosses, in dungeons, or raids. Even the most challenging ones are easy to obtain with the help of our professional boosting team.

Before the purchase of the Memory of the Runecarver, boost carry service, please check out the basic requirements.


  • 60 level character;
  • selected Covenant;
  • Runecarver unlocked.

Where to get Shadowlands Legendary Powers?

Memories of the Runecarver are scattered throughout all of the Shadowlands for players to collect and bring back to him at the Torghast Tower. They have some awesome legendary powers hidden in them that can boost your character multiple times.

But before you can have that boost from the legendary gear, you must first obtain those powers and, it is not an easy task. There are many ways how you can get one or another Memory of the Runecarver. Here is the list of the most common sources:

  • reputation legendary recipes;
  • PvP vendor legendary recipes purchased for Honor;
  • the Great Vault Legendary recipes;
  • Castle Nathria legendary recipes;
  • Torgahst Tower legendary recipes;
  • world boss legendary recipes.

Each of those sources has a random chance of recipe drop, therefore to be more precise, please consult our support managers who will help you to schedule and plan out the Legendary Recipe boosting to get the BiS legendary power for your class and spec.

Why buy Memory of the Runecarver from Boosthive?

Boosthive offers you the best Legendary power farming service because our professional carry team is versatile and can cover both PvP and PvE activities of World of Warcraft. We can get you any type of Runecarver Memory that will best suit both your playing style and the content that you enjoy doing a lot.

Shadowlands Legendary Powers