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Shadowkeep Triumphs Seal

The main selling point of Shadowkeep is the Harbinger title, which revolves around mastering certain activities on the Moon. Shadowkeep Seal includes 11 different triumphs - challenges to be completed within the seasonal game content. Buying the Shadowkeep boost will help guardians to unlock the Harbinger in-game title and loot some legendary rewards in the process.

Boost ETA: 4 weeks. It depends on your current progress.

Shadowkeep Triumph boost includes:

  • Harbinger title - for completing all triumphs;
  • Lunar Rover Badge;
  • Flawless Master Nightmare Hunt - Lunar Halcyon Shader;
  • Altar of Sorrow: Sorrow’s Bane - The Third Tide Ship;
  • Wandering Nightmares - Moonshot Shell;
  • Lost No More - Lunar Memoriam Emblem;
  • Nightmare Hunts Time-Trial Master - Sibyl’s Dream Emblem;
  • Symphony of Death - Dispatch the Deathsingers and acquire the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Deathbringer;
  • Let Them Eat Rice Cakes - Lunar Gloom Shader.


  • 900+ Power Level or match requirements for specific triumph;
  • completed the Shadowkeep Campaign;
  • Shadowkeep DLC and Annual Pass.
Shadowkeep Triumphs Seal