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Seed of Light Boost

Looking to buy Seed of Light carry? You are in the right spot. Our professional team is ready to deliver you new superabilities to show your enemies a true power! Get new subclasses that need Seed of light to be unlocked. Campaign missions reward you with one Seed, but others will require some efforts by farming Blind Well, the horde mode of the Forsaken expansion that has low drop chance of the Seed, depending on the difficulty level. Our Guardians will skip hours of grind for you with our Seed of Light boost!

ETA depends on amount of Seeds of Light you buy - you can get 1 seed per week.

Buying Seed of Light boost you will get:

  • Forsaken gear
  • Dark Fragments
  • Tier II and Tier III Charges of Light (stacking up to 5)
  • Exotic Consumable - Seed of Light
  • Additional Seeds for your alt Guardians with x2 and x3 options selected

Seed of Light boost requirements:

  • 520+ Power level
  • Access to Blind Well
  • The Dreaming City unlocked (or select the relevant option, so we do it for you)

Seed of light carry requires piloted way of accomplishment (aka acc sharing). Our driver will need your login and password to get into your account and start the work. For all piloted services we provide VPN security.