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WoW Season of Mastery Level(XP) Boost

Estimated time for boost: 8 days

WoW Season of Mastery 1-60 level boost is a great choice for players who value their free time and are ready to try new updates on Vanilla servers. Buy Season of Mastery powerleveling to get your fresh character straight to level 60 without weeks of tedious level grind.

WoW Season of Mastery (SoM) level boost includes:

  1. Custom 1-60 character power leveling in Season of Mastery.
  2. Start of the first day of the Season of Mastery launch.
  3. 100% Season of Mastery XP boosted by questing, grinding, and dungeon runs.
  4. Private Livestream (check for tech availability).
  5. VPN security for additional account protection.

Boost takes: 

  1. Normal speed: 8-9 days.
  2. Express: 7 days.
  3. High-speed: 6 days;
  4. Additional options take extra time.
  5. Professions & Weapon skill options are available only with 60 lvl service.

Please note: the duration is based on the beta testing on PTR. The duration for the leveling and the exp amounts can be changed with the release. The duration of the service may be affected by the game server stability and login quests in the first weeks after release. 

Boosthive always provides the fastest and the most efficient results with 100% completion guarantee. However, before you buy leveling in Season of Mastery please check the basic requirements below.


  • The character on Season of Mastery server;
  • Active WoW subscription;
  • this service is piloted only.

If you still have questions before buying WoW SoM level carry or any other custom Season of Mastery requests, please feel free to contact our 24/7 managers and we will be happy to help you.

Season of Mastery Powerleveling Services

It was predictable that Vanilla WoW will take a step further and add numerous quality of life changes. This new upgrade is called Season of Mastery. It brings tons of updates: summoning stones, faster leveling experience, hardcore mechanics on raid bosses, and much more. So veteral players are now waiting for it to happen again.

Our WoW SoM leveling service will strongly depend on developers' vision of the game. Everything can change with the season release, but for now, we know the following:

  • quest exp boosted in Season of Mastery by 40%;
  • Meeting Stones are converted into Summoning Stones;
  • more herbs and mining nodes along the way;
  • raid bosses will have additional mechanics;
  • our carry team is fully ready to level your characters up in Season of Mastery;
  • our team stick to our rule to provide only manual leveling;
  • we will secure your account as much as possible;
  • our carry teams will hit the desired level as soon as humanly possible;

However, there is an enormous inconvenience for players who want to try playing on fresh servers. All characters have been wiped and everybody has to start from scratch in WoW Season of Mastery. Despite all game improvements, hitting 60 still takes a lot of time and effort.

That's where our Season of Msatery leveling boost comes in handy. You will not only get to max level again very fast, but you will also skip the whole process entirely to enjoy new hardcore upgrades for high-end content.

Buying Season of Mastery Powerleveling Service

We are offering pre-orders as soon as the beta test of Season of Mastery has been launched. The process of purchasing Classic Season of Mastery powerleveling is very simple and customer-friendly. Our team guarantees reliable and trustworthy service with 24/7 available support, regular daily updates, and 100% success guarantees.

To buy Season of Mastery exp carry you will need to do the following:

  1. Choose the level range with our calculator to see duration & service price.
  2. Customize your order with additional options.
  3. Proceed to the check-out page to finish the purchase.
  4. Enter all contact and character information.
  5. Wait 1-7 minutes for our managers to contact you to set everything up.
  6. Relax and enjoy fast powerleveling in Season of Mastery.
  7. Play your fresh level 60 character.

We are also ready to offer any custom orders at your request.

We care for every client and are always ready to provide custom services at your request. Please do not hesitate to speak with our professional chat agents in online chat, discord, or skype in case you require something specific.