Scalecommander Sarkareth Mythic Kill

Scalecommander Sarkareth Mythic
$1 199

Scalecommander Sarkareth mythic boost is a fastest way to defeat the final boss of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid on mythic mode with Awakened affix. Learn various tricks and strategies in a relaxed atmosphere while killing the last boss of the second Dragonflight raid on mythic difficulty. Receive a prestige title and achievement before the next raid comes out. Simply buy Sarkareth mythic carry and let us take care of everything for you.

Boost takes: ~20-30 minutes / Start time: Flexible schedule.
WoW Mythic Scalecommander Sarkareth carry rewards:
  1. Fast Awakened Sarkareth kill in mythic mode.
  2. Achievement Mythic: Scalecommander Sarkareth.
  3. Chance to get 528 mythic ilvl gear.
  4. Title Heir to the Void.
  5. Embodiment of the Hellforged manuscript.
  6. Free selfplay option.

Both Ahead of the Curve, and Cutting Edge achievements are no longer available. However, Embodiment of the Hellforged manuscript still drops with 100% chance!

This service is now available with cross-server. Contact us via online chat on our website to learn more about it.  Before buying Scalecommander mythic kill please make sure to take a quick look at the minimum requirements for this service.

  • level 70;
  • Aberrus Awakened affix active;
  • fresh Aberrus mythic raid cooldown.

WoW Mythic Sarkareth Boosting Guide

Our raiding guilds will clear out Awakened Aberrus to defeat mythic Sarkareth as quickly as possible. Taking into consideration just how difficult this boss is, there is no doubt that Sarkareth with Awakened affix won’t be easy either. A very small percentage of the player base will kill Sarkareth on mythic difficulty before the next expansion releases, but you have a chance to become one of the players who do!

Earn the most prestigious rewards along with top-tier raiding guilds from the last mythic boss in the Aberrus raid.

Our Scalecommander Sarkareth mythic boost helps to:

  • defeat mythic last boss of Aberrus raid without stress;
  • acquire the best gear during the patch;
  • save hours upon hours on raid wipes;
  • get elite achievements and rewards;
  • learn boss strategy from a professional guild.

Currently, we're not selling Scalecommander Sarkareth carry for gold. However, some players might do it for in-game currency. But the prices are most often outrageous and there is no completion guarantee. By purchasing this service at Boosthive you can be sure that you receive this boost for a fair price, performed by professional teams.

Our professional raiding guilds are some of the best in the game. Get a reliable mythic Scalecommander kill for a fair price. If you want to learn more or add something extra to your order, please contact us via online chat, Discord, or Skype. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and is always ready to assist!

Scalecommander Sarkareth Mythic
$1 199