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Sanctum of Domination Full Gear Boost

Sanctum of Domination is one of the three raids available in fated mode during Season 4. All bosses once again drop a variety of relevant gear with upgraded ilvl. Ranging from 278 in normal, 291 in heroic and up to 304 in mythic, buying full gear in Sanctum of Domination is the best way to boost the character performance in S4.

This service includes gear not only from Sanctum of Domination, but from two other raids (Sepulcher of the First Ones & Castle Nathria) as well. Only one fated raid is active per week, so it is nearly impossible to farm gear only from Sanctum of Domination as this instance is active only once per 3 weeks.

Fated full gear boosting service includes:

  1. Fast kill of bosses in fated raids (CN, SoD & SotFO).
  2. All gear slots farmed from CN, SoD & SotFO depending on chosen difficulty.
  3. Any other raid achievements on selected mode.
  4. Bis gear option is possible, please contact our manager for this offer.
  5. Kill credits for Puzzling Cartel Dinar quests.

We offer full gear for normal and heroic difficulties with the following item level:

  • full gear normal boost with 278+ ilvl in every slot;
  • full gear heroic boost with 291+ ilvl in every slot;
  • full gear mythic boost with 304+ ilvl in every slot.

Boost takes: 6-7 weeks.

Important: Fated full gearing service does not guarantee getting any set items. However, it is always possible to use Creation Catalyst to turn some received items into tier pieces.

Full gear service is a great way to get the character ready for more challenging content. However, keep in mind, that all full gearing orders will be proceeded in 2-3 weeks after the start of season 4. 


  • 60 level;
  • fated affix must be active.

When SoD full gear carry becomes available?

In order to get geared up in the fourth season of Shadowlands players will have to attend all 3 raids every week. Our boosting team will start farming out the best gear on the second-third weeks the raids become available in fated mode.

Here is how we plan to boost our client to full SoD gear:

  1. Our team clears full raids in heroic difficulty with several set-ups.
  2. Then we gear up booster characters to make loot trading available.
  3. We then start offering SoD (NM) full gear services.
  4. After a week we start offering the heroic full gear boosts.

To have more precise dates or to book a pre-order for your fated full gear carry feel free to reach out to our support manager who can assist you further.

Fated Raids Release Schedule

One raid becomes affected by fated affix every week. It increases the power of enemies and bosses in this raid, thus increasing the ilvl of rewards as well. Here is a quick confirmed schedule for fated raids in Shadowlands.

  • August 2nd - Castle Nathria;
  • August 9th - Sanctum of Domination;
  • August 16th - Sepulcher of the First Ones;
  • Castle Nathria again.

Such rotation makes gearing only from Sanctum of Domination irrelevant. So our team offers a much more convenient solution instead of waiting 3 weeks for SoD to re-open again. We will be doing not only SoD, but also CN and SotFO raids every week to farm all the gear slots for your character.

Sanctum of Domination Full Gear