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Sanctum of Domination Full Gear Boost

Purchasing the SoD full gear boosting service is the fastest way to gear up your character in patch 9.1 with the resale of the second raid tier. The Sanctum of Domination dungeon will have new raid sets with cool perks and abilities looking exactly like Shadowlands legendaries. The domination sets will scale from 226+ ilvl in normal up to 239+ ilvl in heroic.

Boost ETA: 6 - 8 weeks. Depends on the raid difficulty selected.

SoD full gear carry includes:

  • several full/partial runs into the Sanctum of Domination raid dungeon;
  • all item slots filled with the SoD raid gear;
  • any achievements acquired during the boosting;
  • SoD BiS gear list option is possible, please contact us for info.

We offer full gear for normal and heroic SoD difficulties with the following item level:

  • full gear normal boost with 226+ ilvl in every slot;
  • full gear heroic boost with 239+ ilvl in every slot;
  • full gear mythic boost with 252+ ilvl in every slot from 8/10 bosses. (Kel'Thuzad and Sylvanas are additional options).


  • WoW Shadowlands active subscription;
  • fresh SoD normal/heroic cooldown to receive loot;
  • 60 level character;
  • no specific ilvl gear required.

When SoD full gear carry becomes available?

In order to get geared up in the second full raid of WoW Shadowlands players will have to overcome 10 hardcore bosses lead by Sylvanas herself and the forces of Jailer. Our boosting team will start farming out the best gear in the first weeks the raid opens its doors in patch 9.1.

Here is how we plan to boost our client to full SoD gear:

  1. Our team clears the full raid in heroic difficulty with several set-ups.
  2. Then we gear up booster characters to make loot trading available.
  3. We then start offering SoD (NM) full gear services.
  4. After a week we start offering the heroic full gear boosts.

To have more precise dates or to book a pre-order for your full gear Sanctum carry feel free to reach out to our support manager who can assist you further.

Full Domination Raid Sets and Weapons

The new raid introduced the Domination gear that is acquired from the key bosses of SoD. It is a crucial part of the gear which not only has a powerful effect for each class but also loos really cool. The Shadowlands legendary item models can finally be added to the full set transmogrification with some additional tints and variations.

More information on full Domination gear boosting and how to buy it can be provided to you by our managers at a later stage of content development. As soon as we will know the exact date of the SoD release we will notify all Boosthive subscribed users about the availability of the gearing sell runs.

Sanctum of Domination Full Gear
Please contact our managers to order this item