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Salvager's Salvo

The new D2 Season means new powerful legendary weapons and the Salvager Salvo is one of the hottest addition to D2 loadout. Buying the Salvager’s Salvo legendary energy grenade launcher is the fastest and the most efficient way to get it. The carry process includes the full completion of a lengthy Messy Business quest that unlocks this gun.

Salvager’s Salvo Energy Grenade Launcher Boost ETA: 48 hours.

Please note that the D2 new seasonal grenade launcher - Salvager's Salvo is actually a copy of Mountaintop in the kinetic slot!

D2 Salvager's Salvo Grenade Launcher carry includes:

  • full “Messy Business” bounty carry;
  • Salvager’s Salvo Grenade Launched obtained;
  • lots of glimmer;
  • a lot of valuable resources.

Salvager's Salvo is a one-shot handled Grenade Launcher with a function of remote missile detonation. The awesome perk choices are Vorpal, Demolitionist, Chain Reaction, Ambition Assasin.

Before the purchase of the Salvager’s Salvo carry that we have for sale, please go through some of the basic requirements for this type of boosting service.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • this boost is piloted & requires account sharing.

D2 Salvager's Salvo Carry

The new D2 Season of the Chosen grenade launcher is a powerful weapon with some cool perks. But the main difficulty still remains in how to get this Salvager’s Salvo legendary gun.

The completion of the Messy Business bounty mission is no an easy task to handle. It requires a lot of grinds and can easily take up to 3-4 days of your playing time. Here is a brief guide on how to tackle this task.

How to complete the Messy Busines quest in D2.

  1. It is a pretty straightforward but grindy mission.
  2. Players will need to take the grenade launcher of their choice.
  3. Earn 7,500 points.
  4. Complete matches until the progress bar is full.

It may seem like an easy thing to do but even our professional boosters are getting the flashback of the previous Seasons’ pinnacle quests. It requires lots of grind and more grind after that. And that is why we offer you to save an immense amount of time by purchasing the Salvager's Salvo boost from us, allowing our team to complete the full Messy Busines quest carry for you.

After the completion of this quest, you will unlock the Salvager's Salvo and some of its awesome perks. Here players will have to make an important choice because some perks are a bit better than others.

The Salvager's Salvo Boosting Perks

Right after players finish the Messy Business quest they can get their hands on one of the most intriguing Arc breech-loading Grenade Launchers that occupy an energy slot of the inventory. This launcher has a set of 4 perks, where 2 are locked by default.

Locked perks of Salvager's Salvo Launcher:

  • quick launch;
  • spike grenades.

Perk Choice 1:

  • ambitious assassin;
  • demolitionist.

Perk Choice 2:

  • vorpal weapon;
  • chain reaction.

The perks of this weapon are extremely powerful and influence the damage output and AoE capabilities. However, the combination of them is even more intriguing. Take your time to adapt the Salvager's Salvo gun to your playing style while switching perks from one combo to another. Pick the ones you like more and enjoy killing your opponents and dominating the boss fights.

Salvager's Salvo