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Path of the Ronin challenge

Path Of The Ronin challenges

Path Of The Ronin boost will help you get all challenges and rewards from this CoD event. It is a Japanese-themed limited offer in the second season of MW 2 and WZ 2. This is much like past Call of Duty seasonal events with a set of challenges to complete across multiplayer and Warzone 2.

Path of the Ronin event challenge farming is a time-limited event in MW2 and WZ2 expansion based on the Seven Virtues of Bushido: Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honor, Compassion, Sincerity, and Loyalty. Each PotR challenge comes with a reward for completion, such as XP or a weapon charm. Completing all seven of the event challenges will unlock the crossbow as the final reward.

CoD Path of the Ronin carry rewards:

  1. Roze Skin - Integrity Challenge (Gi).
  2. Emblem - Honor Challenge (Meiyo).
  3. Calling Card - Sincerity Challenge (Makoto).
  4. Weapon Sticker - Compassion Challenge (Jin) / will become available on 22.02.2023).
  5. Loading Screen - Courage Challenge (Yu) / will become available on 22.02.2023.
  6. Charm - Loyalty Challenge (Chu Gi) / will become available on 1.03.2023.
  7. SMG Blueprint - Respect Challenge (Rei) / will become available on 1.03.2023.

Completing all 7 challenges will unlock the Crossbow weapon.

Important: some of the challenges are time gated and will become available on the dates that are listed above.

Boost takes: 12-48h from the start of the challenge.


  • MW 2.
  • Warzone 2.

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Path Of The Ronin challenges