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CoD: Path of the Ronin Camos

Path of the Ronin Camos

We offer to buy Path of the Ronin Camos in Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2. This service will help to unlock Winds of Ash camouflage for any selected weapon in the newest Call of Duty update. Our experienced fire squad will complete all base challenges and achievements for selected weapon thus unlocking Winds of Ash Camo in both MW 2 & WZ 2 at the same time. The cherry on the top is the Bowing Blossom Camo for all the Path of the Ronin challenges when completed.

This new shining skin will strike terror into the hearts of your enemies. We offer Winds of Ash camo for sale so that the players can enjoy Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 without the necessity to complete challenges. CoD: Winds of Ash camo boost is available in MW 2 & WZ 2. You only need to purchase it once and get new camouflage unlocked in both games.

Call of Duty Path of the Ronin camo carry includes:

  1. Winds of Ash camo unlocked for any weapon(s).
  2. Some exp for Military rank.
  3. Tons of kills and wins.
  4. Support PC, Xbox & PS.


  • if you succeed in completing all the challenges for every weapon category, you will unlock the Bowing Blossom Camo for all your guns;
  • if you succeed in completing all the challenges for every weapon category, you will get a Golden Charm that represents your dedication to following the Path of the Ronin.

Boost takes: ~2-6 hours/weapon.

Please note: Warzone 2 Path of the Ronin camo boosting service might have higher price, so we recommend buying Modern Warfare 2 Path of the Ronin camo unlock service in case you have this version of the game. You will receive Winds of Ash skin in both versions at the same time.

Before purchasing any Path of the Ronin camo service, please have a look at the basic requirements.


  • Modern Warfare 2;
  • contact us for Warzone 2;
  • chosen weapon unlocked;
  • this service is piloted only.

How to unlock Path of the Ronin camo in CoD?

Getting Winds of Ash camouflage in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2 might be not one of the hardest tasks, but it is certainly a very tedious one. We've prepared a quick guide on how to farm this skin if you want to try it before buying our Path of the Ronin camo service.

  1. Unlock all weapon platforms by reaching 55 lvl.
  2. Deal with the Ronin challenge to obtain Winds of Ash camo.
  3. Enjoy the shining Winds of Ash camo in MW 2 or WZ 2.
  4. Complete all the challenges for every category and get the Bowing Blossom camo in MW2 or WZ 2.

While it might sound pretty easy at first, it is still a long and very tedious process. Both CoD: MW 2 & CoD: WZ 2 will have at least 10 PotR challenges for primary and secondary weapons to loadout. And you should never forget about Shield and Combat knife that are very painful to farm Winds of Ash camo with.

Buying Winds of Ash camo in MW2 & WZ2

The whole process of purchasing Winds of Ash camos for any weapon is very simple and customer-friendly. Here is our quick step-by-step guide to make the whole boosting experience fast and smooth.

  1. Select Weapon class from the list.
  2. Select how many headshots/kills you want to get.
  3. In case you only have Warzone 2, please contact our support.
  4. Check the basic requirements of Path of the Ronin camo carry.
  5. Proceed to checkout to finalize the payment.
  6. We will contact you in 5-7 minutes to set everything up and start the service.
  7. After the order is done, enjoy new Winds of Ash of Bowing Blossom camouflages in WZ or MW.

Our customer support works 24/7. In case you have any questions before buying Path of the Ronin camos boost, feel free to contact us in any convenient way: online-chat, Skype or Discord. We will help with all difficulties and even can provide a custom offer on request.

Path of the Ronin Camos