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Rival Exotic Ghost Shells Boost

Are you ready to boost your Ghost with some Exotic Rival Shells in this Guardian Games season? If so this carry is right for you. Buy one or all three Rival Exotic Ghost Shells and enjoy a unique look, new perks, and some nifty features without any farm or effort.

Rival Exotic Ghosts carry includes:

  1. Exclusive exotic ghost shells (depending on your class):
  2. Power level experience.
  3. Additional Season Pass levels.

Boost ETA: 1 day.

You can buy rival exotic ghost shells for one character or all 3 for each of your Guardians using our flexible calculator. Please specify what class shall we use for this service.


  • 1100+ power level.

Buying Rival Ghost Shells in Guardian Games

Getting the new Rival Shells this Guardian games can be a tedious task with all the quests you will have to complete before you can actually acquire them. Therefore we offer you to buy the Rivel Ghost quest boost and enjoy your time while our professional carry teal will complete every step needed to own one or all three shells.

In case you want more information on this service or have any questions feel free to reach out via online chat and our managers will assist you with anything.


Rival Exotics Ghosts
Please contact our managers to order this item