Are you playing on the American realm?

Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast

What will I get?

- $ Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast for 500 coins  It is a PvP currency that you can get by buying Censer of Eternal Agony  (1000x $ Timeless Coin) then start ganking the oppposite faction
- Useful items you can buy additionaly:
$ Black Ash for 1 coin
$ Pouch of White Ash for 20 coins
$ Vengeful Porcupette for 100 coins
-Optional achievement $ Fire-Watcher for 2000 $ Bloody Coin  Grants "Fire-watcher" title
- Totaly reliable  We don't use any 3rd part applications, cheats or shortcuts for leveling

Only one option available:

- Accplay
  Otherwise - account share, you can choose this way and we will provide stream of boosting process (nicknames won’t be shown on stream) Ask stream link in site support


110 lvl character with any gear  Can be provided by 100-110 leveling service

Piloted way(account sharing), we just need take access to your pass and login, so we provide stream personal stream for you. In case of account safeness VPN software will be used. We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.