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Raids Triumphs Seal

Raid Seal includes 16 different triumphs - challenges to be completed within the Dreaming City game content. Buying the Raid Triumph boost will help guardians to unlock the Rivensbane in-game title and Last Wish badge progress.

Boost ETA: 5 weeks.

Raids Triumphs boost includes:

  • Rivensbane title - for completing all triumphs;
  • Raid: Last Wish badge progress;
  • Thunderstruck - All encounters completion in arc subclasses;
  • Clan Night: Last Wish - Last Wish completion with a full fireteam of clanmates;
  • O Murderer Mine - Last Wish raid completion;
  • Petra's Run - Last Wish raid flawless completion;
  • Sunburn - All encounters completion in solar subclasses;
  • Forever Fight - Morgeth boss challenge completion;
  • Put a Flag on it - 5 Raid Banners plant completion;
  • Coliseum Champion - Shuro Chi boss challenge completion;
  • Summoning Ritual - Kalli boss challenge completion;
  • The New Meta - All encounters completion in the same Guardian class;
  • Strength Of Memory - Riven boss challenge completion;
  • Keep Out - Vault encounter challenge completion;
  • Night Owl - All encounters completion in void subclasses;
  • Habitual Wisher - 10 wishes completion;
  • Treasure Trove - Opening 10 hidden chests in Raid: Last Wish.


  • Forsaken;
  • Forsaken Annual Pass.
Raids Triumphs Seal