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Ra-den Boost

Here you can get Raden boost - single boss kill without buying a full clear of N'A raid, get more loot-traders to increase a chance for the required item, or get a guaranteed weapon or trinket drop from the Raden.

Boost takes 15 minutes.

Weapons were always the most important slots that highly increase damage. Of course, the best arms drop from the actual raids. Ra-den the Despoiled is the 8th boss in N'A raid which drops the best one-hand fist weapon for melee rogues, DH, and dd monks.

WoW Ra-den Carry includes:

  • Fast run with personal loot in heroic or mythic difficulty;
  • All loot dropped to your bags;
  • 5 traders are an additional option;
  • Weapon guarantee is an additional option;

The best option to receive the item is "Guaranteed weapon" which includes a few runs every week until required item dropped.


  • 120 level character;
  • The fresh cooldown for the Ra-den heroic or mythic.

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Ra-den Heroic & Mythic