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Mythic Azshara [Font of Power Trinket farm]

Buy Queen Azshara mythic kill and get a clean kill of the last boss in the Eternal Palace raid at the highest difficulty. This boss is still popular because it drops BiS caster trinket you can get Legendary Rank 4 essence for your spec with cool visual effect. We do runs every week, the kill takes 15-20 minutes with top raiding guilds. We provide a guaranteed farm of the desired loot from this boss.

Default Queen Azshara carry include:

  • Kill in personal loot mode (all loot that dropped into your bag);
  • Chance to loot gear 445+ ilvl;
  • Achievement Mythic: Queen Azshara;
  • Title "the Eternal";
  • Chance to loot pet: Zanj'ir Poker;
  • Free selfplay mode;
  • Livestream (please ask for the technical possibility before we start).

Options for WoW Queen Azshara:

  • Azshara's Font of Power guarantee - we will farm this boss every week for you until you get this awesome trinket. (Especially for fire mages and warlocks);
  • Rank 4 Legendary essence - this option includes farm of the Rank 4 essence for 1 spec (You need to have Rank 3 of the chosen essence).


  • 120 lvl character;
  • Fresh cooldown for Queen Azshara for getting loot;
  • Please don't forget to do at least 1 hit to the boss.

Feel free to contact us in online chat to get this powerful trinket and awesome looking essence for your character in no time instead of wiping for several hours with pugs!

Queen Azshara Mythic