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PvP Pinnacle Bundle

Here you can purchase D2 PvP Pinnacle Bundle. This service is intended mostly for beginners in PvP, but also useful for PvE activities too and requires a lot of grind in crucible, because all weapons receiving from Lord Shaxx bounties.

Boost ETA: 5 days.

PvP pinnacle weapons starts from next quests: The Third Wave, From the Mouths of Babes and Remembrance, and requires the next triumphs - In Pursuit of Honor and The Staff of Myth. All of this require high skilled mastery of using grenade launchers and hand cannon and might take days or weeks.

PvP Pinnacle Bundle includes:

  • The Mountaintop: spike grenades + micro rockets — straight launching grenades are easy to aim and allows you to deal top DPS
  • The Recluse: master of arms + feeding frenzy — reload quickly after kill, get additional dmg and repeat
  • Luna's Howl: magnificent howl — after two precision shots your third one always deal critical damage

If you are mostly PvE player and don't want to waste your time grinding in Crucible — the best choice is to buy PvP Pinnacle Bundle and enjoy awesome gameplay with these weapons.


  • New Light
PvP Pinnacle Bundle
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