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Prophecy Weapons Farm

New Prophecy weapons have the potential to be better than the guns from Deep Stone Crypt or Vault of Glass raid. Buying the Prophecy weapons boost allows you to receive the weapon you want from the Prophecy dungeon fast and easy. Every Prophecy gun carry is done by a professional D2 team with tons of experience, ensuring 100% result. 

Prophecy Weapon boost includes:

  1. Chosen amount of weapons from Prophecy dungeon farmed:
    • Judgment;
    • The Last Breath;
    • Darkest Before;
    • The Long Walk;
    • A Swift Verdict;
    • A Sudden Death.
  2. Chance to get Pinnacle reward.
  3. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

Boost takes: 1-2 days.

You can use a flexible calculator if you want to get several weapons to roll with the best perks. More weapons will result in a bigger discount.


  • 1200+ power level.

D2 Prophecy Weapons Boost Info

Prophecy dungeon is one of the best PvE activities in D2: it has numerous excellent rewards. With the Season of the Lost, there are now Trials of the Nine weapons that drop from the bosses in the Dungeon: one of the best in the game. 

Prophecy Weapons Loot Table:

Good for PVP:

  1. A Sudden Death - drops from the final chest.
  2. Judgment - drops from Phalanx Echo.
  3. A Swift Verdict - drops from the Cube.
  4. The Long Walk - drops from Phalanx Echo.

Good for PVE:

  1. Darkest Before - drops from the final chest.
  2. The Last Breath - drops from the Cube.

After you purchase the Prophecy weapon boosting service, you don't need to worry about not getting the desired gun after several Prophecy dungeon runs. Our professional D2 team will defeat the required boss multiple times until you get the Prophecy weapon that you want. It is that simple as that! 

More info about the Prophecy weapons farming service is available via our online chat. Feel free to contact our managers that will help you with all information that you need and assist you in buying it for your Guardian.

Prophecy Weapon Farm