Prestigious Bronze Courser

Prestigious Bronze Courser
Honor levels

The Prestigious Bronze Courser is a World of Warcraft epic mount that is rewarded for reaching Honor Level 15 on any of your characters. It is a cool-looking unicorn-style horse that can be used as both a ground and a fly mount in Shadowlands Expansion. Buying the Prestigious Bronze Courser mount carry service will not only get you this ridable trophy but also boost your honor level.

Boost ETA: ~9-11 days.

If you decide to buy the Prestigious Bronze Courser mount boosting service we can guarantee you some additional bonuses received during the carry process.

The Prestigious Bronze Courser boost will get you:

The Prestigious Bronze Courser PvP mount carry is available only if you fulfill the stated requirements. Therefore please do check them before placing your order.


  • 70+ level;
  • active subscription with the latest expansion purchased;
  • there is no gear required for this service but with our gearing services, you can do get it even faster.

If you want to get this cool PvP mount in shadowlands but don’t want to spend hours on leveling before you can start earning honor points, you can always chase to get our professional 50-60 shadowlands leveling service.

The farming process for The Prestigious Bronze Courser can become an impossible task if you are constantly losing the battlegrounds and arena matches. This way Honor farm is so slow that it is almost pointless to even dream of Level 15. However, with Boosthive’s professional PvP mount carry service you will have a great win-rate!

How to get the Prestigious Bronze Courser fast in BFA or Shadowlands?

There are 2 ways to get the Prestigious Bronze Courser mount in WoW. One is the hard way requiring you to farm crazy amounts of honor to reach one level after another right until you hit that Honor Level 15. Or an easy way where you can simply order the Prestigious Bronze Courser carry service from Boosthive.

Prestigious Bronze Courser in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

The first option of course is for real hardcore PvP players who have nothing else to worry about in life rather than defeat the opposite faction. And we can guarantee you that such players have already farmed all the required honor and acquired this mount and even the Prestigious Bloodforged Courser. It can take up to a month of constant PvP on battlegrounds. Do you personally have this time to waste?

On the other hand, if you choose to get Boosthive’s Prestigious Bronze Courser boost you will get the following perks:

  • constant 24/7 support during the full time of your carry;
  • 100% guaranteed client satisfaction backed by 1000+ Trustpilot reviews;
  • use of only Manual official Honor farming techniques;
  • professional PvP players fulfilling your order;
  • private stream of the boosting process upon your request.

And the best perk you get is your free time. Enjoy doing anything you want while we take care of the rest and deliver you the elite PvP unicorn mount - Prestigious Bronze Courser.

Prestigious Bronze Courser
Honor levels