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Prepare for Dragonflight

The new Dragonflight expansion is around the corner and as usual, it will eliminate some rare achievements and Feats of Strengths from the game. Here you can buy all boosting services that will no longer be available as soon as Dragonflight pre-patch hits the live servers. Let us see what will be removed from the game and what should you hurry up to accomplish in the coming weeks.

đŸ”„ Dragonflight release date: November, 28.

What you can unlock before the new pre-patch with this boost?

  1. Shadowlands Keystone Master Season Four achievement.
  2. 8/8 Mythic 20+ timed:
    • unlocks all dungeon teleports: Tazavesh, Mechagon, Karazhan, Iron Docks & Grimrail Depot.
  3. Carcinized Zerethsteed mount for heroic Jailer.
  4. Vengeance's Reins mount from mythic Sylvanas.
  5. Zereth Overseer mount from mythic Jailer.
  6. Jigglesworth Sr. mount for normal fated raids.
  7. Hero of Fate for heroic fated raids.
  8. Shadowlands raid teleports for mythic fated raids.
  9. Eternal Elite PvP Gear - Season Four PvP transmog.
  10. Season 4 Gladiator title and Eternal Gladiator's Soul Eater mount.
  11. PvP Season 4 mount - Vicious Warstalker.

The ETA for each of these services differs, please contact us for precise timing.

The same goes for the requirements, this is a VIP boosting service, therefore, we would care for each of your needs and therefore conditions of the boost will depend on the achievement you are looking to get before the new season.


  • WoW Shadowlands account;
  • 60 level.

What will be removed in Dragonflight?

As usual, the big World of Warcraft update will bring lots of updated content, and therefore there would no longer be enough room for some awesome achievements of the previous season. Let us see what will be removed soon and what you have to hurry up to get while you still can. Here we will give you a list of achievements, titles, FoS, and mounts that will no longer be obtainable or harder to get at the release of the DF pre-patch. 

We base our list on the boosting services that can help you to get them while S4 is still here on the live servers of WoW.

Mythic Plus dungeons Season Four FoS and the mount will be removed.

M+ is now one of the most challenging parts of PvE in World of Warcraft, plates clear high-level keystones and farming powerful equipment. But as usual, there are 2 main achievements that matter for those who wish to get it all from the current 9.2.5 patch.

Since the Keystone Master Season 4 achievement will no longer be available the mount Restoration Deathwalker (at least in the current color tint) will perish too and there would not be any way to obtain it ever again.

Dragonflight dungeon pool will be different: All DF dungeons will be replaced with some new dungeons from next expansion. This season is the last chance to get current dungeon teleports as they likely become unobtainable. That sums up the topic “what will be removed from M+ dungeons” and we can move further on the PvE ladder. 

Fates of the Shadowlands Raids FoS achievements will become unobtainable.

As usual with the release of the new content patch, there are some changes to the current raid. Even though we are sure that Vengeance's Reins & Zereth Overseer won't become a 1% drop till the end of Shadowlands expansion, but all the “most-wanted” Fated achievements & Jigglesworth Sr. will become rare collectibles. This includes the following:

Since Fated raids will lose all its attractiveness only after the patch you are still in time to grab those unique achievements that would be removed from the game, while also getting top ilvl gear in the process. But enough talking about PvE let us now jump to the bloody side of our favorite MMO RPG game - Player versus Player and see what will be unavailable there in Dragonflght.

PvP Season 4 achievements, mounts, and the Elite Armor Set - gone!

These are the most honorable achievements and the hardest ones to get. As most of the PvP Season four elite items, FoS, titles, and achievements will be removed from the game, now is the right time to get them. Some of those can take weeks to complete therefore the earlier you start the more chances you will get to complete them in time! So what PvP achievements & items will be removed in Dragonflght? Here is the list for your convenience:

Basically all Season 4 juicy rewards will be eliminated and won’t be acquirable after prepatch will go live. If you wish to get any of the above-mentioned achievements or titles, feel free to contact our 24/7 available team of managers who will gladly guide you on how to get in the shortest time possible!

Let us now see how you can prepare for the new patch and what services will help you.

How to prepare for Dragonflight?

Here is the easy-to-follow guide on how to check everything you need to do before DF expansion and the order you should be getting those things completed. Please note that all those tasks can be completed either by spending days or even weeks of playing time or by simply purchasing a professional boost from the Boosthive store.

Prepare for DF guide.

  1. Read the above sections to see what will be unobtainable in the next Season.
  2. Check your own achievements in both PvE and PvP sections.
  3. Write down/select the achievements you are missing.
  4. Start with the PvP titles as they are the longest ones to get.
  5. Then proceed with PvE titles that can take 2-3 days to complete.
  6. Then finish off with the easy-to-do achievements to conclude your 10.0 adventure.
  7. If you have difficulty with anything talk to us and we will help you get them all.

As you can see the process is not that difficult, structure your actions and buy some additional boosting services if you feel that you don’t have enough time to complete it before the release.

When is the release of Dragonflight?

There is already an official date! Dragonflight will arrive on November 28 (US & EU). However, there are no official dates for pre-patch, but it is supposed to be released 3-4 weeks before the expansion.

Dragonflight Preparation
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