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Power Level 1110-1345 Boost

Choose your current and desired power level
Estimated time for boost: 24 hours

Like every other MMO, Destiny 2 has introduced the powerlevel gating to some of the most desired and wanted content of the game. Therefore Players will have to gear up their character to 1345 before they can attempt to access them.

Buying our fast Destiny 2 powerlevel carry will allow you to skip that lengthy gearing-up process. Our professional boosters will manually acquire the needed gear for you so that you can progress further and explore more content in the world of D2.

Boost ETA depends on the power level you require:

  • 1100-1260 up to 24 hours;
  • 1260-1310 3-7 days;
  • 1310-1320 ~10 days;
  • 1320-1335 2-3 weeks.
  • 1335-1345 2-3 weeks.

The Destiny 2 Power level 1100 - 1345 boost includes:

  • The chosen power level of the character (artifact bonus included);
  • All done 100% by hands without any 3rd party programs.

If you would like to see your character’s powerlevling carry via Livestream please tell us about it beforehand. We need some preparation to set up and start. Otherwise, you can go ahead and buy Destiny 2 powerlevel boost right after checking our basic requirements.


  • Beyond Light DLC available;
  • Shadowkeep DLC available;
  • Forsaken DLC available;
  • New Light campaign completed.

How does Destiny 2 powerlevel boost work?

As we all know, with great powerlevel comes great responsibility, and sometimes a lot of hardcore grinding. Destiny 2 does not differ much from other MMOs in this aspect of the game. Players can only increase their character power by clearing various Powerfull activities and Pinnacle milestones.

The fastest way to increase your character’s power level in the new “Beyond Light” DLC is to do the following:

  1. Deep Stone Crypt;
  2. 100k nightfall.
  3. Master Empire Hunt.
  4. Other Pinnacle milestones and powerfulls.

Only that way you can gear up gradually to build the solid power for any class in the game. It takes time and some skill to complete some challenges. However, reaching the cap will unlock the Destiny 2 content with the most rewards to harvest.

Is there a power level cap in Destiny 2?

Every player in the Destiny 2 game starts with a base power of 750. Legendary gear (purple) and powerful artifacts will increase that number drastically. But is there a maximum power level you can get? Yes, there is. D2 has 2 different types of Power Level cap:

  • the soft cap of 1320 power level;
  • the hard cap of 1320 power level;
  • the pinnacle cap 1330 power level.

The more gear you obtain the more power level you have it is that simple. However, the process can take days and even weeks especially if you are looking to get the BiS powerful gear for your toon.

How to boost your D2 power level fast?

 It is hard to say but there is not really a fast way to gear up your character. Only steady completion of activities with a chance to loot top tier gear is the proven way forward. But it is also tedious and can take up a lot of your gaming time before you can unlock the fun and rewarding content.

Therefore, especially for those who want to jump straight to the good part, Boosthive has prepared a great offer for you. With the purchase of Destiny 2 power level boost we can get your character up to 1345 as fast as possible. Get straight into the glorious battle with top gear and the highest power level and forget about the boring grind and unluck with item drop!