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Point of The Stag Ritual Bow

Here you can purchase D2 Point of The Stag Boost. It is Ritual Iron Banner Bow and it will be revealed in Season 10.

Boost ETA: 48 hours

Iron Banner's weapons always had a great impact and stats for PvP and this combat bow will be the most powerfull in its archetype.

Point of The Stag boost includes:

  • Precision frame - Compound bow. Longer draw time optimized for damage.
  • Elastic String - Excellent Snapback
  • Natural Fetching - Feather-light with good control
  • No Distraction \ Archer Tempo - reduce flinch or decrease draw time
  • Vorpal Weapon \ Eye of the Storm - additional damage or handling at lower health

If you are mostly PvE player and don't want to struggle in crucible for such a good weapon - Point of The Stag service will be the great way to get it easy and enjoy real gameplay instead of boring grind.


  • Shadowkeep expansion purchased
Point of The Stag