PoE Necropolis Challenges

Necropolis League Challenges
Estimated time for boost: 5 hours
Estimated time for boost: 5 hours

PoE Challenges boost is a perfect way to complete all challenges in the current season. Necropolis League offers various challenges that reward with exclusive microtransactions after finishing some or all of them. Some of them are quite easy, while others are harder or almost impossible to achieve.

We offer Necropolis League challenges for sale for real money for all players who struggle with completion. Remember, that everybody has around 3 months to loot all cosmetics while the League is active. Otherwise, all rewards will be removed when the League ends.

Path of Exile Challenges carry rewards:

  1. Completion of any number of challenges in the current League.
  2. All cosmetic rewards of the Necropolis League depending on the challenge.
  3. Other loot that might drop during the service.

You can select any number of challenges with options or pick the specific ones that you have difficulties with.

Before buying Necropolis Challenges, please have a look at the minimal requirements for that type of service. Please note, that some challenges might require higher-level character or better equipment.


  • softcore mode;
  • all Acts completed;
  • Map Device unlocked.
  • the corresponding level of character for each challenge.

Path of Exile Challenges Boosting Guide

League Challenges is a great opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile. The current League called Necropolis provides new seasonal cosmetic rewards for a character. These transmogs are available only for a short duration while the League lasts. That means that players have only 3 months to finish 40 unique challenges during the season.

All PoE Challenges can be divided into four difficulties:

  1. easy (the majority will be completed during story progression);
  2. normal (minimal effort is required to complete those);
  3. hard (players need to make several tries and repeat several times);
  4. very hard (you will need to farm numerous maps and know the tactics to kill end-game bosses).

Players are allowed to combine challenges from different difficult levels or pick the easiest one. But for those enthusiasts who want to achieve all rewards, it is still needed to complete all 40 of them. That's where our Necropolis Challenges boost comes in handy as it helps to save time and nerves.

If you still have any questions before making an order, please feel free to contact our chat agents. We are online 24/7 and ready to answer all your questions.