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The Path of Burning Steps Exotic Boost

The Path of Burning Steps Boots is one of three exotic boots added in the 14th Season - Season of the Splicer. Drops from the Legend and Master Lost Sector.

Buying Path of Burning Steps Exotic will result in the completion of the Lost Sector by a trained player until you get the guaranteed boots.

The Path of Burning Steps carry rewards:

  1. The Paths of Burning Steps obtained guaranteed.
  2. Experience for Artifact level and Season Pass.
  3. Enhancement Cores.

Boost takes ~1 day.


  • 1290+ Power Level;
  • this boost is recovery & requires account sharing.

Important: Exotic Armor rotates daily. ETA of the service can be increased.

D2 Path of the Burning Steps Boosting Service

The Path of the Burning Steps boots are a must-have for every guardian Titan in the galaxy. It mitigates the effects of Stasis and gives you a weapon damage bonus in the process, which makes a Titan a nearly unstoppable force in the field.

This Exotic is locked behind Legend and Master Lost Sectors. These activities are on a daily rotation across The EDZ, Europa, the Cosmodrome, and the Moon and can be particularly challenging.

Each day at reset, a new Legend, and Master Lost Sector pop up on the map. Our booster will complete this as a solo task has with a chance to loot these exotic boots.

Path of Burning Steps Exotic Boots