Otto Secret Mount

Otto Secret Mount

Otto is a secret fishing mount that was added in Dragonflight. There are a ton of prerequisites before players can ride this cute otter. So buying Otto mount from our store might be a good idea in case you don't want to grind a lot. We will do all secret steps and farm Otto friend for you instead.

WoW Otto mount boost rewards:

  1. Otto mount obtained.
  2. Aquatic Shades toy.
  3. Secret quest completed.
  4. Iskaara Tuskarr renown 7 (additional option).

Please note, that Otto secret mount requires to have renown 7 with Iskaara Tuskarr in order to harpoon big fishes. This is not included in the base Otto price, but we provide an additional option in case you don't have this renown level.

We offer Otto for sale for all the players. However, there are some important requirements that must be met before ordering this boosting service.


  • 70 level;
  • this service is piloted only;
  • Iskaara Tuskarr renown 7 lvl.

How to Get Otto the Secret Mount?

The process of unlocking Otto in Dragonflight is rather long, boring and requires a lot of farming. The bad thing is that the hardest part starts from the beginning. The good thing is that you can always buy Otto and our team will complete all the steps for you.

Here is a quick Otto guide:

  1. Get Iskaaran Harpoon to fish x75 Copper Coin of the Isles.
  2. Using the trading system, buy Immaculate Sac of Swog Treasures from the Great Swog.
  3. Loot the toy and go underwater 19.6 36.5 on the Waking Shores.
  4. Dance there for 5 minutes with Acquatic Shades on.
  5. You will spawn near the Empty Fish Barrel. Loot it.
  6. Now you need to fish:
  7. Fill the Barrel and bring it back. Otto is yours!

You can find more information in other Otto guides. Or you can contact our 24/7 managers via the online-chat, Skype, or Discord and simply purchase Otto on this page and obtain it without wasting time!

Otto Secret Mount