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One Thousand Voices Rifle Boost

One Thousand Voices boost is a service that delivers an exotic fusion rifle by farming the Last Wish raid specifically its chests after the Riven boss. Buy 1000 Voices carry and receive one of the most powerful and meta rifles in the Season of the Lost due to an item mod - Particle Deconstruction, which increases fusion and linear fusion damage over time.

One Thousand Voices boost includes:

  1. Farm last boss of Last Whisper raid for all guardians you have once per week.
  2. A lot of legendary loot.
  3. Livestream (please ask about the technical possibility before we start).

Boost takes: random drop chance


  • Forsaken expansion purchased;
  • this boost is a recovery(piloted).

How to get One Thousand Voices in D2

One Thousand Voices or as the community calls it 1k voices farming process is simple. Our professional boosters will slay Riven from the Dreaming City raid the Last Wish using your character which will give a key from the boss with which we will be able to unlock the chests afterward. Doing so will eventually lead to a weapon drop, which is completely random and can take a while.

Destiny 2 1000 Voices Unique Perks

This exotic fusion rifle has some truly interesting and devastating perks tied to it. One of the perks, Ahamkara’s Eye, is a beam of death that is unleashed by charging the weapon. The second, Unforseen Repercussions, is a compliment to the first perk and it creates a delayed explosion to where the beam landed.

One Thousand Voices