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Ny'alotha Heroic Run

Ny'alotha heroic boost is a single run through 12 bosses in the new WoW raid Ny'alotha, the Waking City in heroic difficulty. It's the best way to get geared in WoW 8.3 and defeat N'zoth - the final boss of Ny'alotha and Battle for Azeroth.

Boost takes 3-4 hours.

We do more than 10 heroic carry runs every day on the horde and alliance side. Simply choose your faction, time of the raid and reserve the spot.

Default Ny'alotha HC boost includes:

If you want to go your own please choose the option "Selfplay". Does not require to know tactics or bring consumables, make sure you hit each boss to be available to get loot.

Loot Trade:

  • Personal loot run and 1 loot-trader option does not  guarantee any amount of items;
  • 2 traders - 3 items;
  • 3 traders - 6 items;
  • 5 traders - 8 items;
  • 7 traders - 12 items;
  • 9 traders - 14 items.

Loot guarantee shows just the minimum amount of items that you will get. You can get more gear if you are lucky. If you get fewer items than the guaranteed, we make an additional run on several bosses to complete the guarantee.

Your bonus rolls, personal loot drops and items that don't upgrade character are counts in a guaranteed amount. We need to mention that some Warforged and Titanforged items with high item levels can not be traded because of the game mechanics.


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