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Ny'alotha Mythic Loot Run

Here you can buy Ny'alotha, The Waking City in Mythic mode. This is high-end WoW content that rewards you with the best loot in Battle for Azeroth expansion - 475 ilvl. You will receive loot for your spec, azerite power, achievements for each boss kill and Cutting Edge FoS. We do runs every week with world-top guilds. Please note that service requires character transfer to our team realm until Mythic Ny'alotha will be opened cross-server. 

Ny'alotha, The Waking City boost includes:

  • 1, 3, 6,12 or any amount of bosses kill (depending on chosen option)
  • Run within 5 hours with professionals
  • 2-6 item slots guarantee (depends on the number of chosen bosses)
  • Achievements for every boss (f.e. Mythic: N'zoth, the Corruptor)
  • If you kill N'zoth till next expansion release you will get FoS - Cutting Edge: N'zoth, the Corruptor
  • Free selfplay option

Remember you have to do 1 hit on each boss to get achievements and be allowed to get loot from them. You will get loot personally dropped to you with 20% chance from each boss. Moreover, our team guarantees you the amount of loot depending on the number of bosses: Please note that personal loot drops and bonus rolls are included in the guaranteed amount.

Loot guarantee from Ny'alotha Mythic carry :

  • 12/12 bosses - 6 different slots
  • 11/12 bosses - 6 different slots
  • 10/12 bosses - 6 different slots
  • 9/12 bosses - 5 different slots 
  • 8/12 bosses - 5 different slots 
  • 7/12 bosses - 4 different slots
  • 6/12 bosses - 4 different slots
  • 5/12 bosses - 3 different slots
  • 4/12 bosses - 3 different slots 
  • 3/12 bosses - 2 different slots 


  • 120 level character with 410 gear
  • Fresh raid cooldown on your character
  • Selfplay mode
  • Character transfer to our server (check this information with our managers)
  • Please don’t forget to do at least 1 hit to each boss to be able to get loot from it
$2 399.94